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author01 motion · illustration

author01 motion · illustration

author01 motion

author01 illustration

author01 ui / ux

author01 branding · ui/ux

author01 illustration · branding

author01 branding · motion

author01 ui / ux

author01 motion

author01 illustration

author01 illustration · motion

author01 UI / UX · Prototype

author01 Logo · Branding

Infographics video

Nextdoor Solutions illustration · motion

Small intro for NDS showing how the company works and the services they offer for customers around the globe.

several illustrations where made in adobe illustrator using the institutional color palette, then imported to adobe after effects where all the graphics came to life.

Ad campaign

Chip Facilito illustration · motion

Ad campagin for a mobile app by carrier Chip Facilito, simple and fun way to show how easy it is to order a smarth phone and use it's carrier data.

Fun lilte branfing animation clips where put togueter for a full lenght tv ad.

Network Identity

PSN illustration · motion

Television network identity for Primer Sistema de Noticias, based in Tijuana Mexico local news network on the growth

creating a new look and feel high end and techy, went with high gloss and glows.

Character design

Baja Valley Ventures illustration

This li'l pizza dude, was created for a conference called "Startup Weekend" primary use on the pizza boxes that where given as snacks through the conference.

Yummy characte design done in illustrator and animated just for the sake of it in after effects, look at him walk!

Interface design

FK Metriks UI/UX

CRM's data the right way, simple way to view in company CRM's all metrics that the employer needs with a single swipe.

This CRM data base was made for a call center based in several states in Mexico, so the necessity to dump all the data in a single place esasy to read was born.


Mensajeappme design · ui/ux

Mobile company relaunching new branding image, prepaid mobile system in Mexico / USA, free calls to the US and tons a features.

Various applications where made, character designs, posters, banners, and motion graphics for tv advertisement.


Gomonchis design · branding

Who dosen't love candy, even better gummy worms, hot spicy gummy gorms for you!

Small starup candy maker called gomonchi's, several packaging designs where made, and where still working to improve it.


Paint Music branding · motion

Pint Music a Tijuana / San Diego music studio where creatives, composers, thinkers, musicians, producers and engineers working as a team that is focused on all your music and audio needs.

Had a lot a fun doing this project for a close friend of mine, a super talented music producer J! collaboraing togueter on the visual style of the logo.

Emulator icons

self project ui / ux

Nostalgia for everyone, don't know what consonles are these, well! say hello to Gameboy Advance and NEO GEO's awesomeness.

Use them any way you want there totally free to use, get them here GBA NEO GEO

Series of videos

BC Creativa motion

Baja California Creativa, platform for the development of creative industries , using culture as an engine of growth .

Logo animation and various infographics where made for this platform.

Illustration on tablet

self project motion

It's always fun to get back to the "traditional" skecthing book, i love sketching on my tablet and super geek with brand new stylus on the market.

Using bamboo stylus and Procreate app for iPad

Small animation serie

PT Toons illustration · motion

PT TOONS a sarcastic way to show the adversary weak points on this election race for Presidential status.

Character design and illustrations where made for this project, along with a whole serie 16 animations for political candidate.

Chat and delivery App

Jelp App illustration · motion

UI and UX conceptualization, design from scratch, implementing sketch and pixate/origami for prototyping concepts on usability

3 versions where made for the first 2 version of the app. The App is available on the AppStore and PlayStore

Wine online/app store

VINO VINO Branding

Small wine tasting shop, sells local wine from Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada Mexico

You can order your own bottle of wine trough jelp app.